Anthony P Winning, PhD
Anthony P Winning, PhD

About Anthony

Anthony has dedicated himself to exploring life and the human condition. Approachable, accessible, and deeply thought-provoking, Anthony illuminates the fundamental questions in life, and clearly explains the implications for how we choose to answer such questions. This brings the possibility to live a life more aligned with what you truly wish.

Suggested Topics

While Anthony is open to discuss a broad range of areas, a number of topics have proven to strongly engage with audiences.

Understanding the Human Condition Through the Stories of Genesis

The question of why people are the way they are has intrigued human beings throughout the ages, with religion having offered insight on such matters for many centuries. The stories of Genesis in the Bible can offer a profound understanding about ourselves and our fellow human beings. Atheists and theists alike can draw insight from this analysis, as it makes no recourse to religious ideas.

The Misunderstood Relationship Between Religion and Science

A commonly held assertion is that religion and science are in conflict, with science increasingly displacing our understanding of the world offered by religion. However, a deeper analysis can offer a richer and more nuanced perspective, with the realisation that atheism is as much an act of faith as theism.

The Challenge of Religion in Defining the Indefinable

Arguably the greatest challenge faced by religions is seeking to bridge between the reality of human beings and something transcendent. Yet the transcendent by definition reaches beyond human comprehension. This means that by its very nature, religion is primed to be misunderstood.

Why the Question of God Is Inescapable for Atheists, Agnostics, and Theists Alike

Religion is often seen as an aspect of a person's life, something that one can separate and compartmentalise. Yet this fails to recognise that the question of whether there is some greater order to existence is of such profound importance that it reaches into every aspect of our lives, theist or atheist.

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